Over 1.2 million customers acquired by banks, insurance companies and Fintech in 2018 thanks to financeAds International

  • 23. May, 2019 from financeAds Team


Bringing together the most relevant publishers and advertisers in the financial industry: this is the goal of financeAds International, a media agency and leading network for performance marketing that helps Banks, Insurers and FinTech to acquire customers for their online products.

We have decided, from the beginning, to focus vertically on a single sector, the financial one, by forging partnerships with banks and all major international FinTech companies.

Between 2017 and 2018, the number of new users financeAds helped onboarding to challenger banks or FinTech companies grew by approximately 20% year on year. In the first quarter of 2019 we are registering an increase twice as high as in 2018.

financeAds International plays a key role in customer acquisition for these new challenger banks, supporting them from the process of defining the acquisition funnel to their digital marketing budget planning, working primarily at performance, a highly ROI oriented for online marketing.

Companies in financeAds International’s portfolio include, among others, N26, Hype, BuddyBank and Moneyfarm,” said Alvise Perissinotto, Managing Director of financeAds International.

The company was created as a joint venture between finleap GmbH, the first European company builder of Fintech companies and financeAds GmbH & CO. KG, and is headed by Alvise Perissinotto. In July 2016, financeAds International was also nominated in the “Best in Finance” category at the European Performance Marketing Awards and was awarded the “Best Affiliate Network in Europe”.

Free Financial comparison tools and tools to increase conversions

The platform is extremely simple: on the one hand, we have those who offer their products online, the advertisers, on the other hand we have the publishers, who promote these products and bring in new potential customers through their communication channels. Every time a transaction is concluded, i.e. a customer brought by the publisher buys a product, the publisher gets a commission.

financeAds International provides publishers with several free comparison tools that allow their users to analyse all the available products quickly and accurately and to choose the best one for their needs.

In addition, if interested, the user can visit directly the website of reference, request additional information and subscribe to the product online.

“Giving publishers these tools allows us to facilitate their work, helping them to increase conversions and, at the same time, brings added value to advertisers, who receive loyal and high quality users with a higher propensity to convert,” explains Alvise Perissinotto.

Achievements so far and future plans  

To date, the company has over 2,800 publishers and is active in Spain, the UK , Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and Belgium.

After its launch, financeAds international has not received further rounds of funding and has been profitable for the past year. Furthermore, in the last three years the company has recorded an annual increase in turnover of 30%.

“In an industry where the quality of the user, which has an offline cost for our customers, is more important than the quantity of users, we offer a boutique service to our clients by connecting only those players that we know to be a perfect match.

”This differentiates us from our main competitors and can give our customers the peace of mind they need, both at an early stage of the company life and during the scale up phase in which they need to scale fast ,” says Alvise Perissinotto, Managing Director of financeAds International.

financeAds International is one of the most interesting and fastest growing finleap ventures.

The verticalization and the boutique service that Alvise and his team offer to the major FinTech companies across Europe, place them as a key interlocutor for any established bank or challenger bank that wants to grow quickly in the market.

The synergies between financeAds International and finleap will be further consolidated in 2019 where we want to start working with larger, structured and scrupulous banks on brand safety and compliance, to help them find new digital solutions that can improve their user acquisition funnel,” concludes Marco Berini, CEO finleap Italia.




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